Saturday, 15 June 2024
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The Strategy Company

GetAPlan.Africa is a planning and strategy consulting firm for business owners in South Africa and Africa, providing timely ingenous strategy to raise, grow a business, manage investments, effectively and profitably in Africa. GetAPlan Africa believes that "Unconventionality comes with perspective", and in this age of Cloud Computing and IoTs, the firm brings unconventional advisory wisdom into the businesses of business owners and investors in diverse African Markets. GetAPlan Africa provides strategy services such as Opportunity Assessment Reports, Business Plans, and Management Consulting.

The Foundations
GetAPlan.Africa was born out of the Market Intelligence Unit of Cabanga Media Group (Pty) Ltd, where its intelligence services grew the balance sheet, markets, investment of the media group. As the group became popular to select business clients, GetAPlan started venturing outside the group to offer same services, shaping the success story. The strategy firm moved from to becoming GetAPlan.Africa as demand increased and the portfolio increased. From inception, June 2019, GetAPlan Africa has crafted bankable strategy for diverse businesses in South Africa, and seven other African countries, raising R400 million in Investment and Working Capital.

The Industries
GetAPlan.Africa has vast experience in many industries including Retail, Wholesale, Distribution, Motor Vehicle, Property, Pharmaceuticals, Construction, Agriculture, Transport & Logistics, Financial Services, Hospitality & Tourism, Manufacturing, Media and Publishing, and Multinational Conglomerates.
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