Saturday, 02 July 2022
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Digital Marketing Packages | The Digital Maestro | DigitalPlus

The Digital Maestro and DigitalPlus, offer services for all things Digital Marketing. These include Digital Marketing Strategy, Web Designing, SEO & SEM, Photography, Content Creation & Marketing, Email Marketing, Lead Generation, SMS Marketing, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Listings, and Social Media Management.

All these are excuted within the packages above, and dependent on what package is chosen.

  • Terms and Conditions Apply.
  • Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp Business - The common social media platforms for business.
  • These packages are similar in most part, with differences in size of results, responses, and reach. 
  • All packages do not include follower increase other than just the lead generation targets.
  • All AdWord adverts are generic (increase traffic/reach only) for all packages, except for Maestro Pack (Agency).
  • Maestro Pack is contractual for a minimum 90 Days.
  • Tolly, Tamu, Kupa Packs are all 30 Day non-contractual packages.

  • Lead Generation Ad Campaign - An advert whose purpose is to get people to fill in their contact details, then collected in a database that can be used to email, call, or sms the respondents.
  • Video Platforms (TikTok, YouTube) - A simple slideshow or video with few details and sound.
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - Making your content or website searchable on Google.
  • Content Creation - A business article published in a news website.
  • News Sites Banners (8 Sites) - Business news websites in South Africa, and other key markets.
  • Social Media Posts - Advert like posts of graphics and texts, and links.
  • Google Analytics - User behaviour statistics generated from website using Google tools.

  1. Google AdWords - A text advert of a total 300 words that runs on google when people search, using keywords.
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