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Cabanga Media Group: A Media and Web Ecosystem for Business Owners in Africa

To grow, businesses in Africa need market and business intelligence that can only come from environments that are conducive to consume such, which before Cabanga Media Group, was impossible.

From its founding in 2019, Cabanga Media Group has built a business ecosystem using media and web technology, for its customers and readers, in eight Africa countries. Business ecosystems such as the one Cabanga Media Group has built, are very important because they provide for a diversity of media and web related services for the growth of businesses' marketing strategies and objectives. 


What are business ecosystems?


Ernst & Young defines a business ecosystem as "a purposeful business arrangement between two or more entities (the members) to create and share in collective value for a common set of customers. Every business ecosystem has participants, and at least one member acts as the orchestrator of the participants. Cabanga Media Group is an ecosystem providing these to its customers.


Imagine a new business entrant in the Medical Supplies industry, grow locally and export into other African markets from South Africa. The ecosystem by Cabanga Media Group, allows the creation of marketing collateral, communication messaging, and distribution of marketing content into relevant African markets, making visibility and lead generation easier. That is the story of Telox Medical Supplies.


Try and imagine again, an experienced builder, who has built over 300 homes since 2005 in Botswana, South Africa, Lesotho and Zimbabwe, teams up with his friend to start a construction company in South Africa and needs visibility and more projects in 2022. The ecosystem built by Cabanga Media Group not only helped to create a business plan and strategy, a brand, marketing collateral, but went on to make the business visible and generated sales leads for the company. This is the story of Art-M Projects. Then also imagine a new business entrant in a liquidity starved and almost toxic economy of Zimbabwe, starting up a new concept of Mobile Vehicle Workshop business, and needs visibility and lead generation, at the same time building a good brand reputation using media and web technologies. Cabanga Media Group provided this for Cart Motors, the Mobile Workshop in Harare, Zimbabwe.


Investing and running a business in Africa requires up to date, business information, and economic commentary that can allow an investor or business owner to navigate political, economic, and social terrain to be successful. Cabanga Media Group, as multinational media, and web company, based in South Africa, the most developed African economy, has created such an ecosystem for the sole purpose of fostering growth for all businesses in Africa.


Who or what really is Cabanga Media Group?


Cabanga Media Group, founded in 2019, is a media and web ecosystem for business owners in Africa, there to provide necessary intangible products and services that foster business and market development. The group achieves this by offering thoughtful publications, creative advertising services, intuitive digital marketing services, business strategy development services, and all things related to media and web. 


Cabanga Media Group, as a multinational media, web, and investments ecosystem has served business owners in diverse industries, in several African Markets. Incorporated in June 2020, Cabanga Media Group has invested in Strategy Consulting and Market Research, Profiling and Photography, Branding & Print, Web Design & Hosting, Digital Marketing and Advertising, Distribution, and Events and Destinations Management Services in Africa. This ecosystem includes business units such as Cabanga Media, DigitalPlus Africa, The Digital Maestro, GetAProfile, GetALogo, GetAPlan,, and Kupa Creative Group.


What business units does it have, and what do they do?


The first ecosystem in the business unit, Cabanga Media, publish thoughtful economic and business commentary magazines and online media, in several African markets, that include South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria, Botswana, East Africa Community, Ethiopia, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. Business Magazine brands include Cabanga Magazine in South Africa, Moakanyi Magazine in Botswana, Mufakir Magazine in Egypt, Fikiria Magazine in East African Community, Yaada Magazine in Ethiopia, Ironu Magazine in Nigeria, Ganizo Magazine in Zambia, and Kufunga Magazine in Zimbabwe.


Whilst mainstream media is about controversy and activism, Cabanga Media Group is about progress, patriotism, and profitability. Africa is starved of progressive press’ content that fosters growth, development for business owners and societies. Speaking well of and comfort to African businesses is what the economy of Africa desperately needs at present. Cabanga Media Group provides this, objectively.


Since July 2019, the group has published over 100 magazine issues to date, with over 1,000,000+ downloads (2020) of the magazines. Cabanga Media Group maintains a Group Editorial Policy that of being a "progressive press" multinational media company, for the betterment and market development of businesses in Africa.


The Second business unit in the ecosystem, is a planning and strategy consulting service for business owners in South Africa and Africa, helping them raise and manage investments, effectively and profitable. In this age of Cloud Computing and IoTs, brings unconventional advisory wisdom into the businesses of its clients, providing strategy services such as Opportunity Assessment Reports, Business Plans, and Management Consulting for implementation. was born out of the Market Intelligence Unit of Cabanga Media Group. From inception, February 2021, has crafted bankable strategy and plans for diverse businesses in South Africa, Nigeria, and seven other African countries, raising R400 million in Capital.


Experts at have vast experience in many industries including Retail, Wholesale, Distribution, Motor Vehicle, Property, Pharmaceuticals, Construction, Agriculture, Transport & Logistics, Financial Services, Hospitality & Tourism, Manufacturing, Media and Publishing,  Multinational Conglomerates, Banking, and Finance. 


The third business unit in the ecosystem, the profiling company that enhances the profile of companies by providing services which include writing Company profiles, digital brochures, and innovative designs for company profiles across the African continent. 


As South Africa's leading company profile designer, provides full-service solutions for branding businesses, boosting their search engine results, and creating an attractive corporate image with global presence. The team has experience in marketing strategies, brand development, website design and search engine optimization (SEO), and infuses these into each company profile they create, making profiles they create more searchable.


Some of the Company Profiles designed recently for South African businesses include Security and Contract Cleaning holdings companies such as Gwala Group Holdings (Pty) Ltd, Construction companies such as Africa Facade Access (Pty) Ltd and Nsombik Trading and Projects (Pty) Ltd, Pharmaceutical companies like Genesis Pharmaceuticals (Pty) Ltd, Accounting firms like Setbooks Accounting Solutions, and Technology companies like 24 Hour Website (Pty) Ltd.


The fourth business unit in the ecosystem, DigitalPlus Africa is a Digital Marketing Agency, Training Consultancy, and Advertising Agency, operating in several African Markets, with diverse clients and projects since 2019. DigitalPlus Africa is a merger of The Digital Maestro and Cabanga Media Group's in-house creative and content services, creating the business unit that serves more external clients of the Group.


DigitalPlus Africa, and The Digital Maestro, have trained over 30 businesses in South Africa, that include Setbooks Accounting, Boiketlong Kitchen, Lecorp Insurance, Slaying Ladies, Lerebo Consultancy, Bophelolebolkwa, Regal Rewards, GS Tyre Repairs, Mmaplape Private Technical College, Genesis Pharmaceuticals, Keam Occupational Health Services, Spot N Shine Enterprise, Lepco, Ratang Lagae, Motsomai Trading, Rpson View Guest House, Meremi Technology, Perfect Pick, Noko Divie, Retu Beauty, Majestic Cleansing Projects, and Kamotsumi Internet Cafe. DigitalPlus is a subsidiary of Cabanga Media Group and associates in South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Kenya, Nigeria, and Egypt.


The fifth business unit in the ecosystem, is a brand development business whose sole purpose is to build brands from conception to actual, and all supporting branding services. compliments Cabanga Media Group and its business units. Some of its clients, whose businesses are still running include Exodus & Company, Fuldon Holdings, Art-M Projects, Nsombik Projects, The Redith Group, Kupa Creative Group,  Cabanga Media Group, Builders World Group, Warara & Associates, and Demeter Agricultural Coalition Africa, The Digital Maestro just to name a few. 


The sixth in the ecosystem, Oscar Habeenzu, consulting as The Digital Maestro, is a turnaround strategist in Digital Marketing, Media, Web, and Public Relations, with over 1,000 projects and campaigns, spanning a career of 20+ years in eight African countries. The Digital Maestro offers services such as Digital Marketing Strategy, Web Designing, SEO & SEM, Photography, Content Creation & Marketing, Email Marketing, Lead Generation, SMS Marketing, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Listings, and Social Media Management.


The Digital Maestro consulting clients include Telox Medical Supplies, BN Business SolutionsThe Redith Group, NRB Accounting, Nsombik Trading & Projects, Aninathi Brands, Genesis Pharmaceuticals, Money Group, Forex World, Cash Center, Emperor Tobacco, just to name a few.


The seventh business unit in the ecosystem, is a recruitment and skills development business serving the customers of  Cabanga Media Group, to scout, recruit and train professionals for personal betterment and increased corporate performance. The objective of is to have healthy, happy employees, and profitable employers with pleasant corporate cultures that increase sales volumes, and profitability of their businesses. was born out of the need of many employers and job seekers. The employer of today needs dedicated, talented, and disciplined enough to work and deliver results. The job seeker of today needs a workplace that not only meets their financial needs, but also develops them professionally and socially, to help them deliver results perpetually. Through its web portal, in testing phase, can deliver these objectives for all stakeholders.


The eighth business unit in the ecosystem, Kupa Creative Group is South African investment company in all things creative in Africa, with a diverse portfolio, founded in 2020. Investments include Distribution, Media, Farming, and Market Research in South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.


These eight key business units make the media and web ecosystem that fosters business visibility, searchability, and profitability. Within the  Cabanga Media Group business ecosystem that spans eight African countries for now, using media and web technology, a business owner can create a business, introduce it to a specific location and target market, get leads, customers, grow their business and expand into other spaces.


For a business ecosystem to work, there is need for one or more members to act as the orchestrator who is responsible for the structure and performance of the business ecosystem, including governance, commercial arrangements, go-to-market coordination, value creation mechanisms, value sharing mechanisms, and risk management.


As complex as this may sound,  Cabanga Media Group is that orchestrator, the chief strategist of the market growth of businesses that enter its product and services ecosystem in African markets, accessible automatically on payment of first invoice for a service by the group.


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