Saturday, 15 June 2024

for Business Owners

The Private Security industry in South Africa is growing, as the need for protecting business and personal assets in the country is on the increase. The South African Private Security industry mainly provides guarding, monitoring, armed reaction, escorting, investigating and other security-related services to private individuals and companies. 

The Wellness Factor of life is most importantly about understanding what wellness means, and its impact on your life. Wellness is the practice of healthy habits every day to achieve better physical and mental health results, surviving as well as prospering. To achieve this state of being in the fast-moving modern society, one must ensure there is a medical product or service they are consuming, even for the family.

In South Africa, for a successful Digital Marketing strategy for business owners, there is need to conduct a Social Media Audit of the business and its brands. Just as in Accounting, an Audit helps measure performance and identify challenges that need to be overcome, to ultimately point at profitability; so, it is with social media for a business's Digital Marketing strategy.

Facebook has changed its name to Meta, a brilliant move from a Blue Ocean Shift perspective; a shift presenting new product and service journeys for the group, and its communities of Advertisers, Content Creators, Developers and Partners as virtual reality takes over the next marketing age of economics. The Metaverse is here!

South African small businesses are capable of sustaining the lives of their business owners, communities, and the national economy, as they are the largest employer (50% of labour force), and contribute over 30% of GDP. The World Bank and International Finance Corporation (IFC) call this sector "The Unseen Sector of South Africa". It is unseen because it is the most ignored yet has the greatest potential, as it is involved in all other sectors.